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   Strategic Navigation

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28th March, 2012
Rembrandt Hotel,
Sukhumvit Bangkok
1:30 pm To 4:30 pm

Strategic Navigation

Navigating to Survive & Thrive

In today’s volatile and intensely competitive business environment, it is easy for companies to become distracted by a plethora of exciting possibilities: global mergers, divestments, alliances, public-private partnerships, not to mention innovative products and online services that can be deployed at the drop of a hat. Many companies lose their way by forgetting their core purpose. The most resilient enterprises forge any ongoing success quite deliberately. How do they do this? It is not luck, audacity, resources, nor even individual genius that matters most. It is an ability to apply, embed and expand a cycle of strategic learning and adaptation across the whole enterprise.

This capability is called Wayfinding (Strategic Navigation) and it mirrors the ancient knowledge of the Trukese master navigators of Oceania. In a world characterised by rationality and scientific data such ancient practices might be dismissed as primitive mysticism. Yet native Wayfinders gather explicit data, their facility to determine the dominant swell of a wave as finely tuned as any navigational instrument in the Western toolkit. In this half-day Master Class Richard Hames provides the answer to the question: How can such heritable knowledge be applied today, in what circumstances and to what end?


  • In this half-day Master Class you will grasp why real-time planning (driven by strategic intelligence) is critical to business success and your competitive positioning
  • You will learn about the five learning systems that together comprise Strategic Wayfinding
  • You will be given a new toolkit to enable you to find your way through the most complex of situations
  • You will be taken step-by-step through the process of deploying the Strategic Wayfinding system and how you can best use this to guarantee survival and success in any market conditions


The most effective strategies are constantly tempered and recalibrated by the need to respond instantly to changing conditions. No enterprise has direct control over these typically unstable and uncertain dynamics. What is more they are increasingly difficult to predict with any accuracy. Doing business in today’s global village where complexity abounds and disruptive technologies prevail, requires companies to remain open and responsive to changing needs, expectations and opportunities.

Long-term planning has become almost impossible. Instead, strategic Wayfinding is required. Contrary to popular belief, strategies used by high-performing companies to achieve success are almost never fixed in concrete. They remain fluid, tentative, forever transient – a continuous dance between enterprise and ecosystem. In this context enduring success comes from the ability to navigate prevailing conditions in ways that amplify brand value with unwavering integrity and authenticity.

The variety of promises made and kept by the organisation is still the best indicator of business nous. But a comprehensive understanding of how the world is changing, what is driving those changes, and the opportunities this represents, is essential. In this Master Class Richard David Hames, the co-inventor of Strategic Navigation, takes us step-by-step through the process of implementing strategic Wayfinding.


  1. The need for strategic Navigation in today’s business world
  2. Understanding and mapping the business ecosystem (the context for change)
  3. Knowledge Designer: the key tool for speedy learning and adaptiveness
  4. The five knowledge systems needed for Wayfinding & how to deploy them
  5. The Change Brain & the 5 Walls: using forensic enquiry to identify strategic acupuncture points and to enable much smarter, non-invasive change
  6. Raising the consciousness of the organisation – the RAISE factors

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