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   Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M. System


The Landmark Hotel, Bangkok
Saturday 13th March 2010, 9am-6pm

8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Welcome and Introduction
9:15 am Base Camp 1: Understanding the Psychology of Money

If you are frightened to invest your money, overwhelmed with information and fearful of making a mistake, you are not alone!

At Base camp Sebastien will help you overcome these challenges by enhancing your financial EQ and developing your ability to attract and create wealth consistently over time. Learn why creating wealth is 80% about the mindset and only 20% the strategy.

10:00 am Camp 2: Looking at Your Personal Balance Sheet

In this dynamic and interactive session Sebastien will help you identify your starting point, evaluate your current balance sheet and use the timeline exercise to set your investment priorities and determine your risk tolerance.

10:45 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Camp 3: Setting personal and financial goals

“If you don’t have a target, what are you aiming at?” – Zig Ziggler

Financial and Life goals are aligned. Apply a proven system to help set, prioritize and systematically achieve your financial and life goals to focus on what matters most to you. Be it retirement in comfort, children’s education in great university, buy the dream home or world travel.

12:30 pm Lunch
13:30 pm Continuation of Camp 3
14:30 pm Camp 4: Avoiding Investment Pitfalls

Learn how to be aware of and avoid the most common mistakes that investors make. Discover how to identify, understand and minimize investment risks, make smarter decisions and sleep better at night.

15:45 pm Coffee Break
16:00 pm Camp 5: Applying the 12 Proven Strategies & Formula

A proven system is a key factor to successful investment. Gain an understanding of various strategies that will increase your Financial IQ, intelligently allocate your assets to create and protect your wealth – even in tough times.

17:45 pm Camp 6: Implementing Your Massive Action Plan

“Your decisions not your conditions determine your financial destiny” Anthony Robbins, Success Coach.

Receive and review the customized financial freedom report based on your personality, goals and risk tolerance:

  • A construction of your personal balance sheet and analysis of your current asset allocation.
  • A systematic guide on what to do in order to achieve each of your financial priorities.
  • An investment solution selected from a research analysis of over 100 investment companies and 1000’s of funds that they offer.
18:00 pm Conclusion, Q & A. Informal Reception, photo session, Book Signing, interviews.

**The schedule might change due to interaction during the seminar**


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