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21st Century Marketing & Branding

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21st Century Marketing & Branding


Each change in the market place calles for a different solution. In order to know how to effectively apply each branding measure we need to define them and consider the roles each influencer: Image, Awareness and Content. What defines a Brand? What is branding? And how is that different from marketing inspired branding? What roles brands play in peoples lives? Whether concious or subconciouslt.

8:30 am Venue open (Ice breaker)
Meeting the delegates
9:00 am Segment 1 Lecture and Q&A
Trends and market influencers that have an effect on your brand.
How to be the first in the market while keeping the risk low.
Find out how to leverage on a relevant and differentiating brand positioning

1) Image, the acquired appreciation. How sustainable is it?
2) Awareness, the urge to be seen. What role does it play in convincing customers?
3) How does the content of a brand come about and what is it for?
4) What is a value proposition and is it at all measurable?
5) Definitions: Branding, MAR-COM, Advertising.
10:15 am Coffee Break & Networking
10:30 am That one degree difference can make all the difference between success and failure. Post decision making events.

• Getting the market diagnostic right.
• Scrutinizing the uniqueness and relevance of the brand.
• Spelling out a marketing direction based on verified goals.
• Marketing measures: Drip marketing, close loop marketing,
• The fallacy of providing an overdose of choices.
12:00 pm International Buffet Lunch
1:00 pm Segment 3 Lecture and Q&A exercise

Why following the protocol only is not conducive to lead a company in the 21st century. Values and valuations can only take place when there is sufficient comparative reference.

• Venture capitalists are interested in competitive and viable ideas.
• In marketing innovation means developing a discernible and yet unresolved issues.
• The process, from fluke to a viable idea to implementation.
• Who should be involved in the innovation lab and who should preside over it?
• The five ethical guides of working on innovation.
3:00 pm Coffee Break & Networking
3:15 pm Segment 4 Lecture

You can be an alpha manager in some situations. And a Beta or even Omega in others. Improving performance by crystallizing your position.
The effect of a changing moral code in business.
Redundancies lead to short term reactions and long term planning.
5:00 pm End of Day one
Recap Q & A Debriefing; book signing, Awarding Certificates

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