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21st Century Marketing & Branding

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21st Century Marketing & Branding


Tanong Thaponsawat
July 6, 2015, 4:33 PM

Dear Khun Alex
How are you?

Thank you for give me a chance to be a creative. For now on I work as a creative group head. And many times I use knowledge from you to apply with my client.

Thank you so much.
Tanong Thaponsawat

Love the way you've putting it together, a brilliant article yet again sir!

I've been thinking about it and had a "wow" moments. Although companies tend to forget their initial principles along their way through "capitalistic journey", but, personally, I believed that your 3rd kind branding is more likely like an "energize" phase, went back to the root and choose whether to reemphasize or grow into another direction and that's exactly what they need, in fact, our country as well. The rise of greasy gentleman look and Thai traditional dress are evident!

Always love the fruits for thought in your works,
Happy New Year (Songkarn) sir, have a great weekends for you and G&A team as well,

Asvin Batcha

Claudio Grinberg
Luxury Road Magazine, Editor, partner

I don´t find the words to say something about such an amazing creative, human being, and awarded person. Alex is the person you need , a specialist in branding, advertising, and marketing, that will take your business to the next level. He doesn´t have to say a word, his achievements speak for him. I am proud for what I have learnt close to him. March 2, 2015, Claudio

Dear Alex,

Thank u for ur mail.
It was indeed a great moment having attended the workshop lead by you. I personally learned something that will assist in enhancing brand although it was only in 2 days. Thank you for sharing with me. I hope we will continue to keep in touch. I also cc to my personal mail.

Take care and kind regards,
Mr. Mohd Aref B. HJ. Mohd Ali
Senior Manager PR & Advertising
Sharp -Roxy Sales & Services Company
1A Persiaran Kuala Langat Section 27
40400 Shah Alam

Dear Mr. Alex Goslar:

Thank you for your comments regarding the product during the Workshop “How to build a better Brand”. A Your insights and detailed feedback were helpful in re-aligning our Branding plan for 2011. All of it was very much appreciated.
We would be delighted to attend the next workshop session and are looking forward to your invitation.

Khun Jeerasak Choksuksanti
Shine Products Co., Ltd Bangkok

Dear Alex,

I totally agree with your point of view:
Branding (and its several ways of activation) is nowadays the best way to strengthen & increase value of the enterprise, creating a strong relationship between brands and their audience.
Enterprises must think their communication strategy otherwise and have to think more alternative, Especially in our specific African countries!

Best regards,
Benedicte Samson
Dakar Sénégal

Eine ausserordentliche Veranstaltung: „ Relationships between people and brands“ Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Wir freuen uns, Herrn Alexander Goslar in diesem Jahr wieder als Referenten in Deutschland begrüßen zu dürfen!

Nach dem erfollgreichen Branding-Strategy-Workshop 2008 und dem Seminar „Im Zeichen des Drachen" 2010, zwei äußerst interessanten Veranstaltungen, wird er nun zum Thema „Relationships between people and brands“ referieren.

Eveline Dittmer

Südwestmetall Bezirksgruppe Karlsruhe Germany

Dear Alex,

Thank you very much,  it was indeed a great learning experience to be with brilliant minds on "brands"

I both enjoyed and learned from your training and also from the active participation of the group.  Truly privileged to be part of your training: Building A Successful Brand.  

With hope that the learning we got could help direct   RCBC to come up with its own "Brand".

Best Regards,
Lilye Honorata V. Po/Luzon-CBG Bank manila Philippines

Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for your analysis and recommendation regarding our Brand.
We have enjoyed a lot what you have shared with us.I will talk to my partner, I hope that this will contribute to our continuous success in the future. To attend your workshop was an honor.

Claudio Grinberg
Luxury Road magazine Panama City

Dear Alex,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the insights you have shared with the group during the Workshop Building a better Brand.

I have enjoyed your presentation and I appreciate the advice we received at the closing session. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me with.

Best Regards,

Pattira (Nan) Phuksawan
Marketing Manager Italthai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Dear Alex,

I think it is a great idea that you thought of “Brand Recovery Program” in the North African states.

Your presentation was timely and to the point. I remember what happened to the tourism industry in Kenya following the election riot back in 2007.  I am sure there are many companies trying to rebuild their brand and I will try my contacts in Egypt and Tunisia and I will forward them the attached docs.

Seyoum Bereded-Samuel UK

Dear Mr. Alex

Welcome back to Bangkok, first I would like to thank you for your respond and keeping up with me I need it.

I have read what you mentioned to me to do to improve Branding skills,
I wanna let you know am agree with your idea 100% and am ready to take it to the next level.

I would do anything to be good at Branding 

Nidal Taha  
2011/12/8 Alex G&A
Nidal Taha Saudi Arabia

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