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“Successful Business Negotiation”

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   Successful Business Negotiation


From developing an individual negotiating style to reading your counterparts, Successful Business Negotiations will enhance this vital ‘career skill’. Learn the difference between persuasion and negotiation as well as tactics and fundamental techniques of negotiation. Being able to think and respond in a clear, concise manner with your goals being foremost on the agenda is the result. Patrick Forsythe can show you this simple skill in a day. It will stay with you for a lifetime.

Negotiation is part art, part science. It is a dynamic, interactive process, and you need to be well prepared, yet flexible, and to recognize that the people element is the most important and the least predictable. It is complex – to negotiate successfully you must see the process in the round, take a broad view and have a good grasp of the principles involved, so you can orchestrate and fine-tune the process as you proceed. Small adjustments along the way can make a difference to the outcome.

8:30 Registration
9:00 Introduction
9:15 Successful Business Negotiation (Clarify the Structure of Negotiation Process) Show how to Plan & Execute Successful Negotiations

Overview: Negotiating in context – the nature of negotiation process – the foundation of effective communication – the difficulties of “simple” communication and the ways to make it work – the expectations and attitudes of those with whom negotiation is normally conducted.
10:15 Coffee Break
10:30 The link with persuasive communication

Overview: The difference between persuasion and negotiation – the need to persuade before you can negotiate – how the skills of persuasive communication relate to the negotiation process – implications when buying/selling is involved - setting up for negotiation during earlier stages of communication.

Deploying the fundamentals techniques of negotiation
Defining the process clarifying terms and the financial elements involved - trading and using variables – preparation for negotiation (and, if necessary, rehearsal) – relating to others and to the adversarial nature of the process – setting clear objectives and structuring the meeting
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Negotiating Tactics

Overview: Conducting the negotiation – focusing on the core approaches – managing and controlling the process – keeping on track – team negotiation - using techniques to create an edge.
14:30 Coffee Break
14:45 Getting under way

Overview: The dynamics of the meeting: linking theory and practice – managing the ebb and flow of the meeting - reading the signs (reading “between the lines”) – fine-tuning your approach.

Refining your skills
Using the mechanisms of interpersonal behavior – using verbal signals – behavioral techniques, non-verbal signs and body language – listening and questioning skills.

Reaching agreement
Setting policy – finding and settling the format and contractual basis of a deal.

Learning from experience
Focusing on key issues – orchestrating the overall process – enhancing your approach – producing an appropriate style – adding real “weight” where necessary – linking to future (and ongoing contacts)
16:00 Summery – Action for the Future
16:30 Q & A. Informal Reception, photo session, Book Signing, interviews.


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