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Toyota Talent

David P. Meier


   Toyota Talent - Bangkok


8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Introduction “TOYOTA TALENT”

Purpose: Learn the Secrets of Toyota’s amazing success &
Identify your development needs and create a training plan
What can we learn from Toyota about Developing Talent?
10:15 am Tea Break
10:30 am Varieties of Talent and breaking complicated jobs into teachable skills.

Purpose: Guiding with expert tips and training aids which are the elementary logic of the success of TOYOTA. By which your organization or business would achieve the heights of success.
12:00 pm Lunch
13:00 pm Cases of leadership in the lean journey

Purpose: How TOYOTA TALENT came into existence and how
Others got extraordinary performance from its shadows.
Recognize and develop potential trainers within your workforce
14:30 pm Tea Break
14:45 pm TWI and the 4-Step Method charting your TALENT for higher achievement

Purpose: Taking your company or organizational Strategies to the next lasting success level by giving the proper space in the perfect direction. Develop internal Lean experts.
16:00 pm Q & A. Informal Reception, Book Signing

Course Outline:

Toyota’s Human System model: Comparisons of the beautiful strategies of TOYOTA, which teaches the easy ways of practical achievement in all fields.

Preparing your organization to develop people: Assessing the needs and creating a plan for developing people

Identifying Critical Knowledge: How to understand the most important elements of the work and what must be taught to others

Breaking down jobs: How job fragmentations helps the organizations, which keeps all the employees to work to their fullest. Steps for implementing talent development in your organization

Job Instruction 4 Step Method: The 4 steps of teaching and how to ensure that the student learns to perform the work with safety, quality, and speed.

Follow up and Spread in Your Company: Ensure that the training process is successful and understand strategies for developing other trainers and spreading the process throughout your company.

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Outside Thailand +66-2-2700-984-5

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